Top 5 Essentials You Shouldn’t Travel Without

Posted on 15 December 2018 (0)

Travelling is a great experience that everyone desires. However, Dylan a blogger from MT Gutters of San Antonio which happens to do a lot of traveling with his father shares that it can also be humiliating if you are not well prepared for the trip. There are many things that you should have with you while travelling to make sure that the experience is fulfilling. In the following chapters, we have listed the top 5 essentials that you should never travel without.

Valid Passport

While a passport is obvious for every traveler, it is one of the things that most people are never very keen on. Most countries today require that foreigners have passports with a validity period of at least six months upon arrival. So, make sure you have a valid passport before leaving.

Communication Devices

A Smartphone is the main communication gadget that you should never travel without. Besides using it to keep in touch with the rest, it can also help with finding locations, capturing moments of the trip and travel ideas. You can also pack your laptop, tablet or e-reader but, make sure you also carry their chargers and other accessories.

Travel Credit Card

A credit card is one of the safest ways to carry money and make transactions. A travel credit card can also save you quite a lot when making payments for goods and services. By using it, you will also be able to earn points that can be redeemed later for various prizes.

Extra Cash

You never know what might happen during the trip so; carry some extra cash for emergencies. If you are travelling abroad, have a modest amount of foreign currency. While many establishments today accept credit cards, that may not be the case on the ground. Sometimes, the credit cards may also fail.

First Aid Kit

Even if you will be away for just a few days, safety should always come first. A fully stocked first aid kit with medication and other health supplies can be a life saver whenever you fall sick or experience minor accidents during the trip.

Whether you are travelling locally or internationally, the items mentioned above are must-haves that should always be given precedence in your packing list.


Important Things to Know about Travel Routers

Posted on 31 July 2020 (0)

A travel router can be defined as a pocket Wi-Fi device that works the way a home router does. The only difference is that you can carry a travel router in your luggage. You can also plug it into the internet of your hotel room to enjoy a strong and simple Wi-Fi network. Thus, a travel router enables you to easily link all gadgets onto it. Travel router provides a Wi-Fi hotspot for the phone, tablet, laptop, Firestick, Chromecast, and games console. You can connect all the electronic gadgets that you carry when traveling to this Wi-Fi. 

Why is a Travel Router Better than a Hotspot? 

Travel Wi-Fi hotspots are not secured. They leave travelers’ networks and their data open to the world. That means other people can access your data and steal it via hotspot. On the other hand, travel routers have strong password protection and firewall. They are easy to set up and users can ensure data encryption to keep everything secure and safe. Thus, personal security data is the major reason to use a travel router instead of a hotspot. 

Can a Travel Router be used to access the Internet from Any Location? 

Not really. Travel router does not work the same way mobile phone data does. For instance, it might not work at some places where all that a person needs is a strong signal. It requires an internet connection to function properly. And, this internet connection should come from a café, house, hostel, hotel, or restaurant. A travel router works by connecting to this internet. It only functions like the hub that you link your gadgets to. Thus, the network is the same. What the router does is to simply make the connection safe and easy. 

Travel routers are important for people traveling in groups and individuals with several devices that they want to connect to the internet. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can easily connect several devices to the Wi-Fi provided by a travel router. 

How to Travel During a Gap Year

Posted on 29 March 2020 (0)

Traveling is one of the most rewarding adventures that you should consider during your gap year. It will not only allow you to experience unique cultures but, also opportunities for personal growth and development. To make the most of your gap year traveling, the following are some tips to keep in mind. 

Choose Suitable Travel Destinations 

The first thing to consider is where you want to spend your gap year. While there are several travel destinations around the world, you should consider places with interesting things or activities that you would want to indulge in. Take time to carefully research travel destinations based on the goals of your trip. 

Consider Planning a Group Trip 

You can still plan a lone trip during your gap year but, there are several benefits to traveling with friends or fellow students. With group trips, you will get better companionship, share costs and also feel much safer. If you have friends at school with which you share some interests, you may invite them to plan a group trip. 

Raise the Money for Travel 

As a student, you may not have enough money to fund trips across the world. But, there are plenty of other ways to travel cheap or free during your gap year. If you cannot raise the money by yourself, think of taking up part-time jobs or volunteer work to cater for the trip. 

Prepare a Checklist for Gap Year Travel Essentials

There are various items that you will need to travel during your gap year. You should prepare a checklist with all the items well ahead of the scheduled departure date. The travel essentials that should be on the list include visa, healthcare, travel insurance, -passport and contacts of family members and friends. 

At first, traveling during your gap year might seem like a gamble due to the concerns of financial limitations. But, the essence of traveling is to help you become more creative and resourceful in your personal life and career. So, dare to go out there and make every moment count!

Safety Tips for Traveling When Pregnant

Posted on 25 November 2019 (0)

For some people, pregnancy presents the time to rest. However, situations that necessitate traveling arise for some people. How you travel when pregnant is different from the way you travel after conception. That’s because some moves can hurt you or the baby when traveling during pregnancy. Here are safety tips to guide you when traveling during pregnancy.

Choose the Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel by air while pregnant is in the second trimester. At this period, it’s very unlikely that you can have a miscarriage even if you travel on a plane. What’s more, the morning sickness has ended by this time.

Choose Your Travel Destinations Wisely

Involve your doctor in your traveling plans to get relevant insights. Adventures like an African safari can be risky. That’s because most malaria prevention drugs are not safe to take while pregnant yet most parts of Africa are prone to the mosquitoes that transmit malaria. 

Get Travel Insurance

When pregnant, your body is very delicate and prone to risks. Therefore, have a good insurance policy that covers you and the unborn child during the trip.

Research for Hospitals

Perform a background search of reputable hospitals at your travel destination. This will make access to quality medical services easier and quicker in case you need them when traveling. 

Stay Comfortable

When you travel by air, walk along the aisles occasionally during long flights to avoid fatigue and leg swelling. Moreover, carry healthy snacks and stay well hydrated throughout the trip. 

Dress in Layers

During pregnancy, your body might not regulate its temperature effectively. You should, therefore, wear clothes that are easy to remove and put on easily. This will make you comfortable during flights or rides.

Use the Seat Belt Correctly

Observe safety precautions like wearing a seat belt even when pregnant. But, use a seat belt with precautions. For instance, position it carefully below the belly to avoid injuring the unborn child.

Take Time to Rest

If you travel in a car, take frequent stops along the way. This will minimize fatigue and give you time to stretch your legs. 

Prepare Against Nausea

A good deterrent to nausea is mint tea. Pack some of it or ask the attendant to have it ready before departure. Ginger candy and mineral water can also help.

It’s also crucial to pack everything you need during the trip. This can include prenatal vitamins and water. Packing all necessities makes the travel experience better for pregnant women. 

Important Life Skills You Learn from Solo Travel

Posted on 13 July 2019 (0)

Solo travel can be quit enlightening. It’s a chance to broaden your life skills repertoire and learn more about your personality. Here are important life skills you learn from solo travel.


Solo travel means you have to figure out how to do things alone. You will be faced with foreign environments and unfamiliar situations when traveling alone. Regardless of how well you plan your trip, you will face unforeseen happenings. For instance, you will face different cultural practices and weather patterns. These will require you to think outside the box and improvise to overcome different challenges.

Conversation and Social Skills

Traveling alone will require you to interact and communicate with other people. That means you will need to improve your conversation and social skills. These are important life skills that make you a better person no matter where you go or live.

Observation Skills

You need to be familiar with your environment. When you travel alone, people watching will be your default pastime. That’s because you won’t have a travel companion to distract you with conversations. This gives you a chance to notice idiosyncrasies and details that you may not notice when traveling with a companion.


You need to examine your life once in a while. Your busy life may not allow you time for self-examination. Traveling with a companion can also make finding time to reflect difficult. Solo travel provides solitude that enables you to connect with the inner self and introspect.


Solo travel enables you to learn more about yourself. When you travel alone, you do things alone. This enables you to know your abilities and limitations. It also enables you to know thing you didn’t know about yourself because you have to be independent and self-sufficient.

Basically, these are important life skills you learn from solo travel. If you have not been traveling alone, consider making more solo trips to improve your personality.


How to Travel When Battling Drug Addiction

Posted on 28 April 2019 (0)

How to Travel When Battling Drug Addiction

Traveling offers immense therapeutic benefits to recovering drug addicts. When you travel when battling addiction, you can make significant health and life improvements. If you are battling drug addiction, going on trips enables you to experience new environments, meet new people and engage in various healthy activities that could easily help change your perceptions, enhance your self esteem and keep you focused on kicking the habit. The following are pointers on how to travel when battling drug addiction.

Interact With Other Recovering Addicts on Social Groups

One way of getting help is by sharing your experience with others who have also been down the same road. Whether you just want to travel sober or a retreat that focuses on battling drug addiction, there are many social initiatives that can help you achieve the best experience traveling. An example of such groups is the Sober Vacations International that can plan and execute your entire trip.

Set Up Precise Travel Goals

Traveling can sometimes get so boring that you may easily feel tempted to try drugs just one more time. The best way to avoid such temptations is by setting clear goals that you wish to achieve from the trip. Thus, have a clear plan of the places to visit, things to do and even how long you will spend on each attraction and activities so there is no room for boredom and temptations.

Know How to Get Help If You Are Overwhelmed

Regardless of the recovery stage where you are at, things could take a sudden twist while on the road. As such, it is important to keep the contacts of people you can ask for help in case you are unable to hold back the temptations. Stay in touch with them throughout the duration of your trip and let them know how you are fairing on in every step of the way.

Traveling when battling drug addiction has its vulnerabilities but, with the above trips and discipline, you can easily ensure sober, more enjoyable and rewarding trips to any destination across the world.