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Safety Tips for Traveling When Pregnant

Posted on 25 November 2019 by (0)

For some people, pregnancy presents the time to rest. However, situations that necessitate traveling arise for some people. How you travel when pregnant is different from the way you travel after conception. That’s because some moves can hurt you or the baby when traveling during pregnancy. Here are safety tips to guide you when traveling during pregnancy.

Choose the Best Time to Travel

The best time to travel by air while pregnant is in the second trimester. At this period, it’s very unlikely that you can have a miscarriage even if you travel on a plane. What’s more, the morning sickness has ended by this time.

Choose Your Travel Destinations Wisely

Involve your doctor in your traveling plans to get relevant insights. Adventures like an African safari can be risky. That’s because most malaria prevention drugs are not safe to take while pregnant yet most parts of Africa are prone to the mosquitoes that transmit malaria. 

Get Travel Insurance

When pregnant, your body is very delicate and prone to risks. Therefore, have a good insurance policy that covers you and the unborn child during the trip.

Research for Hospitals

Perform a background search of reputable hospitals at your travel destination. This will make access to quality medical services easier and quicker in case you need them when traveling. 

Stay Comfortable

When you travel by air, walk along the aisles occasionally during long flights to avoid fatigue and leg swelling. Moreover, carry healthy snacks and stay well hydrated throughout the trip. 

Dress in Layers

During pregnancy, your body might not regulate its temperature effectively. You should, therefore, wear clothes that are easy to remove and put on easily. This will make you comfortable during flights or rides.

Use the Seat Belt Correctly

Observe safety precautions like wearing a seat belt even when pregnant. But, use a seat belt with precautions. For instance, position it carefully below the belly to avoid injuring the unborn child.

Take Time to Rest

If you travel in a car, take frequent stops along the way. This will minimize fatigue and give you time to stretch your legs. 

Prepare Against Nausea

A good deterrent to nausea is mint tea. Pack some of it or ask the attendant to have it ready before departure. Ginger candy and mineral water can also help.

It’s also crucial to pack everything you need during the trip. This can include prenatal vitamins and water. Packing all necessities makes the travel experience better for pregnant women.