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What you should know before traveling to Nigeria

Posted on 16 November 2018 by (0)

Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria is one African country endowed with many natural landmarks and wildlife reserves, dense rainforests, waterfalls, rare primate habitats, and different dazzling cultures. There are also shrines here and there, some witchcraft dens, inhabited by chalk-painted bush witchdoctors who are eagerly waiting for you to come and learn about your destiny. Of course, there i consultation fee.

Nigeria is ever warm, being near the equator. The rainy season is in the summer months.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa. In short, one in every five Africans is a Nigerian. A visit to this pulsating powerhouse should be planned well. The local currency is Naira. Pictured on the currency is Zuma Rock, a tall monolith outside the capital of Abuja. Zuma Rock is 725 meters high. When you arrive in Nigeria, have Naira with you in small denominations to give to the many people who will be asking for tips for whatever little job rendered, like pointing the direction of a hotel. At the airport, everyone is looking for a “dash,” which is a bribe.

So be firm and only dash those who deserve a dash, but dash them in small amounts because there are so many of them in need of dashes. Virtually every Nigerian is a solicitor with a viable business opportunity. There are many highly educated Nigerians with great business ideas, which are worth billions of shillings. All they want is you partner with them and you provide the capital to start those businesses. The unpleasant truth is, Nigerian is full of scams. Be alert. Use a reputable agency for your visa if you are applying before you come to Nigeria. Some of these agencies are scammers. Better still, process your visa upon entry.

Avoid travelling in public transport; take cabs from well-known lines. Do not walk in the semi-dark or dark streets late in the evening or at night.

Two of the wonderful places you should visit while in Nigerian include:

Kajuru Castle

Built over 30 thirty years ago in Northern Nigeria, Kajuru Castle is a luxurious getaway villa, designed with a medieval theme throughout. The bedrooms are dungeon-modelled. There is even a crocodile pit. Kajuru Castle is simply a beautiful piece of engineering and architecture. If you visit during the hot days, you can cool off in an outdoor beautiful swimming pool, from which you can view the fascinating landscape of mountains as a nice cool breeze gently sweeps. You can plan a hike in the morning to enjoy the surroundings.

Eleko Beach (Lagos State)

To enjoy this public beach more and create unforgettable memories, do not travel alone. Come as a couple or a family to enjoy a peaceful, private retreat far (49 KM) from the noisy Lagos. You can then hire a cottage for the whole afternoon. You can kayak, dance with your loved one, or enjoy horse and camel rides along the clean, less crowded beach. You can enjoy drinking the coconut juice right from the husk and buy other goods like fish, fresh prawns and lobsters straight from the oceans. There are lots of arts and crafts being sold on the beach by the many hawkers, with whom you can enjoy haggling.

Located near La Campagne Tropicana, this is the place to relax and rest in your rented tent. If you can’t rent, simply pick a spot on the white sands, spread your mat and enjoy the soothing ocean breeze and the refreshing waves.


Make sure you travel with reputable tour guides. They know which areas to stay away from and which hotels to give a wide berth. The U.S State Department has always issued travel warnings against travel to Nigeria. This is because terrorist activities, kidnapping, and other violent crimes are common, especially in the southwestern and northeastern states.

Have a safe trip.